Magick Media Client Testimonials

every client of magick media is a happy one

The following quotations from past and current relationships testify to the quality and integrity of the web design & development services provided.

“Drake Moore is extraordinary. I thought I had a good “web guy,” but when I got frustrated with waiting for small requests and changes, I sought change and got help from Drake. Immediately, I knew what it felt like to be a “priority” client. Drake gives his clients his full attention, true design expertise, and the benefit of clear and regular communication. Besides just delivering me an incredible new website design, he has been able to help me with projects that nobody else could: from business card design to online store help. Besides being a wonderful designer and technician, he is also by far the fastest and most affordable “web guy” I’ve ever worked with. I could go on, but I will simply say that Drake Moore is the best.”

– The Green Mama


“I recently worked with Drake at Magick Media on my new acting website, and was blown away with Drake’s talent, artistic flair and professionalism. I had never worked with someone I only had email correspondence with and to be honest was a little worried to start with but as I went with my gut and let him take the job. I was shown a work ethic I’d never seen before. Not only did drake stay available to return emails he was able to see my vision in little text which is a very rare quality in any field. Drake was 100% on the money and I’m so happy with the work he provided. I look forward to Drake doing any future upgrades on my website or work in the pipeline that I might have in the Future. I give my 110% recommendation on Drake working for any person/company or business in his Field.”

– Chad Mathew


“Drake is simply AMAZING! I am so glad I found him. He was so easy to talk to, understood exactly what I needed, took care of all the crazy tech stuff I am so afraid of, and created a beautiful website for me. He’s extremely efficient, has superior customer service (his email communication is the best I have ever encountered), and in my opinion Drake should charge more for his top notch services!”

– Clara Cohen


“I love working with Drake!. I first came across his services in desperate need of some help for my crashed website. He was a beautiful calm and steady to my frantic panic. His work is methodical and organized, something that I have come to rely on. He is so patient, and his communication is impeccable – both in detail and in his ability to follow-up and continue to drive a project forward. I have worked with many developers over the years and I can honestly say that Drake is, by far, my favourite. His flexibility and commitment to getting a job done right, and on time, is so appreciated. I have no problem recommending his services to my friends and colleagues, and I highly recommend him for your next project!”

– Jozi Grant


“I highly recommend working with Drake Moore – He was able to translate all my ideas into the website I envisioned, no easy feat. He is incredibly fast working which kept me on my creative toes, and the project moving along quickly. He is patient, helpful and is wonderful to work with. You can know you’ve chosen right choosing Magic Media.”

– Hillory Skott


“Working with Drake has been an absolute pleasure. He has completed two projects for me, a website redesign ( and the building of a brand new site ( Drake’s timely correspondence, ability to clearly communicate with a website neophyte and attention to detail, has me very willing to recommend him to anyone looking for web services.”

– Patrick Stansfield


“Drake is among one of my favourite people I’ve ever done business with. Incredibly responsive and a very clear communicator, he is a true professional. No matter what task I send his way, Drake always finds a way to make it happen. I hope work with him for years to come and cannot recommend his services through Magick Media highly enough.”

– Solah Nightstar
Positively Purposeful

“Drake is an extremely detail oriented and communicative person to work with. He completed the website in a timely manner, and was dedicated to helping me realize my vision for the website (which is very important to me). I would recommend Drake to anyone who is in need of a website programmer.”

– Yoona Hawkins


“Drake was instrumental in building our startup’s brand with an excellent design and followed that with developing our site in WordPress quickly and efficiently.

I look forward to using Drake again as a technology partner for our company.”

– John Burbidge


“Drake is my WordPress hero. As a self-proclaimed ‘non-technical’ person, I need to work with someone who can speak to me plainly and also understand my rambling vision. Working with Drake has been so easy, it’s almost as though I just have to say what I want and it’s done before I press send. No glitches. No problems. Everything is always done when he says it will be. What a relief that was!”

– Chela Davison


“Working with Drake is an absolute joy. His patience and accuracy has built me the site that I envisioned. His great attitude made this process smooth and easy. Highly recommended!”

– Lesley Kovitz, BA


“I really needed a web designer who was able to design my websites so that they would be user-friendly, visually pleasing and meet the changing needs of my work. Drake at Magick Media listened to what I needed and provided service that was so fast and efficient. He makes web design stress free so that I can focus on what I need to get done!”

– Denise Buote, PhD
Arbor Educational & Clinical Consulting Inc.


“Having worked with many web designers in the past I now know it doesn’t have to be a difficult and stressful endeavour. Drake sees your vision, communicates beautifully and brings your website to life! Thank you very much!”

– Tasha Leuvekamp
DogZen/Liquid Lifestyle


“After I completed my website, I asked Drake to test drive and then fix any bugs that popped up. Drake was so fast and competent that I asked him to tackle my more challenging web issues (podcasts, html code rewrites, etc.). All of Drake’s work was done to perfection. In a couple of hours, Drake had completed what would have taken me dozens of hours.”

– Dr. Jessica Motherwell, Ph.D.


“I had an excellent experience working with Drake. He’s extremely professional, responding to all my questions and requests quickly and thoroughly, and staying in close communication to keep me informed of what was happening with my site. He worked on my website until all the little details I wanted were taken care of, and I’m completely happy with how it turned out. I’d be comfortable recommending him to anyone else needing help with their website.”

– Tawny Nye, Mediator
Saku Mediation


“Drake is fantastic. He didn’t need much direction, was great about communication, and went above and beyond. Will most definitely use again.”

– Travis Malone


“I am very happy. Drake is a superfast worker and Zen Cart genuis.”

– Scott Mccaughran


“I’ve worked with Drake and Magick Media on a number of projects and I can’t recommend him highly enough! He listens to what you need and then provides solutions in a very timely and affordable way.”

– Gary Adelson
Bloog Planet Canada

“I have done two websites with Drake. Both times were easy, fast and exactly what I was asking for. He is super easy to work with via email and his rates are very reasonable. I would definitely recommend Drake to those looking for a new site. In fact I already have!”

– B. Kovitz
Tumblebums Play Centre and Toy Shop


“Drake of Magick Media is one of the most committed contractors i have worked with. He completed the job to my satisfaction, even though it required much more effort than was initially estimated.”

– Ariel Ben Yosef


“Drake did an excellent job, communicated effectively and was finished before the deadline. I recommend him as a skilled and efficient contractor. Thank you!”

– Deanna Anderson
Deanna Anderson Consulting


“Drake was awesome and consistent in communicating, flexible with my unplanned interruptions, and eager to deliver great results. An absolutely pleasant experience! Thank you, Drake!”

– Adhis Boucha


“I recently contracted Magick Media to undertake a Flash media project. After evaluating several companies, my choice was Magick Media as I felt comfortable with what I had seen in their previous projects. After meeting with Drake, my confidence was confirmed and I gave him the job. I am delighted with the result and cannot emphasis enough how impressed I am with the quality, speed and value that I experienced with this project.”

– Paul Brown
Legends Memorabilia & Collectibles Inc.


“Drake is an expert. He gave me quick turnaround and solid results in all the steps of getting my two websites on the map. He is a pleasure to deal with. What better way to get done what you need!”

– Johanna Vanderpol, Positive Psychology Coach


“I found Drake to be very efficient and affordable. His service was very prompt and he was happy to fine tune my website to make it the best possible. It was a pleasure to work with Drake and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a top quality website for a great price!”

– Rob Black
Black Brothers Painting & Restorations Inc.


“My name is Dina Goldstein and I’m an artist based in Vancouver. My first web site was developed in 2002 and ever since then I’ve had 3 or 4 on the go.  I’ve worked with many web masters over the years and found it to be quite a challenge.

First you hope that you can work with someone that understands your needs and can realize your vision for a professional and unique online presence.  Next you want that person to be responsible and timely.  And I’m sorry to be so blunt but many online coders and designers are not always reliable.

I’ve been working with Drake for two years, I contacted him after I had been left in the lurch by yet another programmer. I needed to maintain and upgrade my sites and revisit an abandoned Fallen Princesses site.

Drake was able to jump in and learn the inner workings of all of my sites. His communication is very clear and laymen. He has been very patient and understands when I make a creative change.  Drake is organized and sends his invoice directly after a job is completed , he is set up with PayPal for easy payment. He is affordable and professional.

I highly recommend his services and am happy to refer him to my circle of friends.  Hire this guy…!”

– Dina Goldstein
Vancouver Artist

Magick Media