Video Production & Editing

no project is too large or small…

From corporate functions to family outings to your band’s latest video, your video project is delivered in a variety of popular formats with the option for online community stream publication.

Magick Media works with a variety of video editing tools to create your finished product. We can trim and splice your individual video files and render them down to individual files or merge them into a master video complete with transitions and fades. You can even provide the story board for your project with detailed instructions for in and out points including titling. If you have background audio to incorporate, we can do that too or you can have us compose something entirely new and unique to match the mood.

Videography services are also available if you are in need of a camera operator for your event or function…

Drake Moore

“This Far” Video by Kototama

Shot and edited in Toronto, Ontario.

“skull candy” Video by gore-tek

Shot and edited in Vancouver, BC.

“ikor” Video by Kototama

Shot in Toronto, New Orleans & Vancouver.  Edited in Vancouver, BC.

“sick machine” Promotional Video by gore-tek

Shot and edited in Vancouver, BC.

Magick Media