Magick Media: Price Structures & Invoicing

Dollars and Sense

With Magick Media you generally have two options where it comes to pricing and how much you are going to spend on your project.  You may request either of the following two models up front.  Whatever works best for you is what it’s all about…

Fixed Price

The first fixed price model is a good fit for larger projects.  These are typically full website design projects. By discussing your requirements a project scope is established and from this you are given a fixed price to complete the project.  A fixed price is exactly that.  It is fixed to the project scope and will not change.  If after the project commences new requirements come to light changing the scope, you will receive an additional fixed price quotation for the new work which is added on to your final price.

Once a fixed price is agreed to by both parties, it is time to get started.  Read Magick Media’s getting started guide to get a sense of the project development lifecycle and what you can expect.

By The Hour

Larger projects may be billed by the hour but it is more typically smaller updates and maintenance work that this second model will appeal to.  Design and development are charged at an hourly rate of $35 while tutoring and training is charged at $50 an hour.  When new work is requested you will receive an estimate of how many hours it will likely take to complete the task.  If it is discovered in doing the work that the effort is going to be considerably greater than the estimate, you are notified immediately for approval.  At the end of each major work cycle (generally a day), you also receive a progress update and the number of hours effort.

For work that is contracted by the hour, invoices are generated on the 15th and final business day of each month.  It is expected that you will make every reasonable effort to settle invoice payments within 30 days of receipt.  Acceptable payments include email money transfer through your bank, PayPal, cheque or on occasion cash.

First time clients are asked to provide an up front deposit which varies depending upon the scope of the work involved.  This ensures that new clients are genuine in their representation and are committed to working together.

Maintenance Packages

Website maintenance packages are another type of fixed price arrangement.  Magick Media currently offers a monthly website maintenance package that keeps your website secure and up to date.  The cost of this service is $50 per month for the first website and $25 for each additional website.

Many websites will feature the use of plugins and extensions.  From time to time, plugin developers release updates that address issues like bugs (software defects) and security holes.  With Magick Media maintenance, your plugins and core system files are updated immediately upon release.  In addition, a monthly backup of your site (database and files) are stored at a secure location.  This protects you should anything unfortunate happen to your investment.

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